One of the most popular heavy-duty pickup trucks in Chula Vista is the Ford Super Duty. Durability is one of the most essential characteristics of a truck, and the Ford Super Duty is designed to fit the bill. Taking a look at two of the durability features that make the Ford Super Duty stand out will outline how it rises above the competition.

The Super Duty is designed with a military-grade, high-strength aluminum-alloy body for a lighter yet impressively strong structure. The reduced weight allows more reinforcement in the frame components for extra safety. The design prevents rust and protects against dents and other damage.

Another impressive feature of the Super Duty is its environmental exposure testing. Ford has tested the pickup at extreme temperatures, on off-road paths, and in tough weather. The powertrain has been tested at a six-degree incline for over 500 miles. Try taking a test drive at Ford Chula Vista today to get an idea of what the Ford Super Duty can do for you.


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